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  • DEDUCTIBLES down to $0.00.
  • Freedom to use any dentist
  • Enough variety to meet anyone's insurance needs and,
  • Applications are being accepted today. You can see the many plans available to you now.

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You have just found the individual dental insurance jackpot. This is the place all of the people pushing dental discount plans don't want you to find.

We offer real individual dental insurance policies in addition to discount dental plans.

I am a licensed life and health agent and have been helping people with their insurance needs since 1988.

Straight up then. Get your quotes. No spam. Just plain ol' real Dental Insurance plus some discount plans mixed in so that you can easily compare.

#1 Symetra #2 Ameritas Group #3 Delta Dental
Preferred 42 Policy
Quality: excellent
Support: very good
Recommendation: Great for people with pre-existing conditions.
Progressive 1000
Quality: excellent
Support: excellent
Recommendation: Excellent for families with coverage for braces.
Dental for Everyone
Quality: excellent
Support: excellent
Recommendation: Another excellent program for families.
My Review: My Review: My Review:

Fillings, x-rays and simple extractions are actually covered during the first year and with no waiting periods! The benefit is 50% the first year, 65% the second year and 80% the third year.

Additional benefits include those for oral surgery, endodontics, crowns, bridges. etc.

You have benefits for preventive dentistry after the first year of coverage. In the second year the policy pays 100%. Preventive dentistry includes routine exams, the cleaning of your teeth and topical application of flouride for children up to their 16th birthday.


In the first year you will have coverage for all typical x-rays including panoramic and bite-wings and simple extractions after a short waiting period. You will be reimbursed at the rate of 60% for the above items which represents a pretty decent savings for you.

Additional benefits include coverage for bridges, crowns, endodontics, dentures, oral surgery and other Type 3 Dental Benefits.

Your routine exams and cleaning of your teeth are covered at 100% during the second year so you'll be expected to cover these very basic and routine expenses yourself at first.

Yet another great insurance offering from Delta Dental which includes benefits for diagnostic, preventive, major dental procedures and orthodontia.

If you have serious dental problems this may be an excellent option for you with first year benefits covering restorative work such as amalgam fillings, space maintainers, recementing crowns, root canals and gum disease.

You also receive first year benefits of 80% on routine periodic examinations with cleanings once every 6 months along with bitewing and full mouth x-rays.

Is it available in your area? Is it available in your area? Is it available in your area?

Why did I choose these policies to recommend?

Dental insurance policies nearly always include elimination periods or waiting periods which frequently make them useless to the average consumer looking for a financial break on their dental expenses.

While these three plans include variations on elimination and waiting periods, in every case these are reasonable exclusions which very likely make your purchase of any one of these insurance policies financially viable choices. Especially if you plan a long term relationship with the insurance company by keeping the policy for two or more years your savings will increase dramatically after the first year. Savings are significant in the first year but even greater in the following years of coverage.


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